Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Saints Day

Yesterday wasn’t a bad day, just a long one. I didn’t even get in in time for belated beer:30. The weather gave us almost everything: damp over cast skies, 25 to 36 mph winds, rain showers soaking me to skin at time it was no time to take a break. Soaked in a cold rain I was near chilled to the bone. I didn’t dry out until lunch break between the bulls in the morning and the heifers in the afternoon.
We worked the spring calves through the chutes. All of them inoculated for old diseases prevention and the human equivalent of flu shots. Those with horns lost them even one baby with scurs (small unattached horns. Always liked those, kin-a cute in my mind on a cow. All the bulls were steered, but two lucky ones (one’s already called Lucky); the club calves banded, the commercial stock burdizzo clamped.
Personally I never felt a thing.
On my getting out on the opening day hunt in a couple weeks. My seasonally running tractors/equipment, the Cushman Truckster riding fences at least three times a week. Once parking so-so, and looking back at it off my elevated stand, three deer where nosing it. Positioned wrong I was unable to take a shot. Now, my knees paining me more each day, I am not climbing no more. I'm sitting tight between two pallet cardboards wired to the Cushman anymore where the wheels stop from now on. Around here, deer hearing the equipment often come out to investigate. I can be waiting for them.
Yeah, All Saints Day leaves me out as Herr Clinks repeatedly stressed out skillet’s image may a-test to. And then to worsen the little known holiday weekend this fool time change has got my system all followed up. I don’t know whether I am coming or going an hour early or an hour late.
About the most productive task I did today was replace the hot wires on the lower end of the east side upper barnyard lot. It still has a problem? I be hanged if I can find a dead short livening the wire when supposedly dead/disconnected. This is needing some additional thinking. I found one short today where somebody other than myself had tied an unauthorized link into the fence making a hot loop.
To bail water out of the little 1850 Oliver I had to removed the inner-tubes stored inside. One of them was booted. The inner-tube inside that tire it had become cemented to the perimeter of that tire’s boot. I-karumba! Thankfully, it didn’t but take a couple ounces of special lacquer based cleaning agent (thinner). Slowly applied around and around the two surfaces stuck together wait a couple cotton swabs. And with no apparent damage to either tire or inner-tube.
I made a hog trough for one neighbor. Darned if another neighbor didn’t come by taking my wood hauler trailer and brought me it back fully loaded with fire wood. And, I still haven’t gotten all mine what’s cut split and piled yet. I’d guess by now I should be near set for stove fuel through winter 2011.
Bless us everyone when we have days we can’t win. BGKC.

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