Monday, November 2, 2009

Look for the good

For a reflective look at the most recent weekend past, it is while I hadn’t managed to get out for some trick or treating of my own, the itty-bitty rug rat, linoleum lizard, splinters and little shavers had not come around here extorting candy favors from my household supplies. So luckily in another vane I didn’t have to pay off the little extorters with my favorite candies. A body has to simply look for the good out of any sit-she-ation.
Egads! It has gotten right light earlier this morning, by the way of the wall clock‘s silly face. Does this mean I’m relegated to an earlier start to my already over exercised days?
Now, for the rest of the morning I first delivered the homemade hog-trough. Then came back home dropping Her Mostess’s pilling it into Ugly on the ramp and carried a piece of cheap thin sewer pipe stuff up into the foyer I want to turn into a no hunting sign. Next stop I backed down to the barn and put some more treasured junk in the barn for safe keeping right where I could later forget where I had put it in the first place. The truck emptied out I had room in the cargo box for toting split firewood should I get to that today. The truck emptied would save me immediately having to hook up and move the wood-hauler to more convenient site for unloading. And did I? Nope, instead I headed out in the direction of the shop , near making it until I come up with the thought of checking out what kind of a treat a particularly Loopy lady may have sitting on her sideboard. Only there long enough for the new time to hurriedly roll onto lunch time I grabbed the opportunity and took it. Then after lunch found it raining out there (outside) I had gotten wet and cold enough last Saturday morning I didn’t want anymore of that. To avoid another soaking I held myself up in the house until I found such time I could go back outside without the fear of melting. I’m very sensitive that way…….
Looking up over lunch it had started raining again. Talk about sinking into a state of moderate depression. It were an up hill battle doing my best to ignore a weathered low pressured headache. Maybe find something to do in the shop. Goodness knows it has been needing straightening up for months. On arrival Ray needed my standing by to retrieve him and his JCB skidsteer should he stick it haying his ladies. I took care of the three gates he used while also keeping an eye open for a communication’s cable repairman. Using the EzGo I was zipping outback then up front and again back outback, as the repairman showed up about the time we were doing afternoon chores early. So it was up to me to inform the repairman our situation before he’d find nobody home and go onto his way to his next call.
I hung around awhile my installing the 1850’s rear axel hub adding the new axel ‘U’bolt and nuts with a preliminary tightening. Going as far as I had Ray sore from a prosthetic refitting needed some rest and called his day closed to heal and catch up on denied phantom pains sleeplessness. No heavy work to be done on the 1850 I took it upon myself to find something else to do.
The rain seemingly easing I tagged on the woof splitter and headed for the front east pasture. Wood split and nearing loaded I was called. Somebody was bringing me a load of pumpkins. About the time the truck showed I had two arm loads wood to load. I finished my loading. I wasn’t going back for only a minute more time.
The pumpkins arrival and smashing was a success the ladies hesitating little getting into the pumpkins just as soon as I had let them into the pasture change. Everybody happy the pumpkin deliverers, the ladies, and myself; I was pooped and uncomfortably over heated. It was the moment I called it my day. Crossed up thinking I could back the logslitter down to the barn I was wrong. The splitter inside the scope of the rearview mirrors I couldn’t see its reflected image to back down to the barn. Twisting in the seat looking at firewood piled high the splitter was again out of view. So, I had to drive out the upper drive and come around in and up the lower drive driving head on towards the barn turning off the last moment. It were fun then leaning on that truck disconnected splitter hand pushing it up hill into the barn. Whew, I was glad this day was done.
On getting into the house I was just as wet all the way from inside out as I might have been had I gotten caught out in another rain. BGKC.

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Paula said...

The way we do trick or treat is---We make sure we buy the kind we like and then close the door early so there is plenty left. No we don't do that to the little darlings.