Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Then - Now

A pictured reminder for this:
I liked an oval rug. Reminds me when all the splinters were still home many-many years ago. In those days we essentially used but one 8'x12' oval rug in the Honeymoon Cottage (1st home), and a 8'x15' in the Christmas House (2nd big old Victorian), In front of the TV for our Sunday evening TV night (winding down school night). All three our homes have had such pretty floors I'd been pure sacrilege to have covered the white maple hard woods (White maple 1st&3rd homes). Besides, carpets are so hard to mop.
Still, I pickup carpet remnants road-side-day’s handy-shopping-stops. So many the road fronting households workers are big city employed, leaving before light, returning after dark. I don’t remember how I was turned to, to supply the carpet chunks to short wall a many a tree stand for wind breaks and their own movements hidden.
On his own lands, one individual essentially built a tree house (complete with water tight roof) covered his floor with wall to wall carpet so he could silently strategically roll his office chair from window to window to window (3 windows). The one solid wall with door was built against our area’s prevailing winds. Two ropes, one trap door, I suspect, were used for hauling up his beer. Scary! Alcoholic beverages aren’t welcomed fare with the quests hunting our farms.
E-gads, I slept from 8 last night till 6 this morning and I’m yawning. Frieda has told me she slept well and while I’m writing these lines this morning she’s almost next to me ka-napping. I didn’t want to believe this?
The scales fixed, needing a new torsion bar cable. Works fine now. The Spring calves helping us test it out all day last Saturday.
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That another load of wood another neighbor cut up for me while I were making a hog-trough for somebody else. Just goes to show, no good deed goes unpunished.
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Fence windfall cut up, split, hauled in, unloaded, and stacked the last two mornings. Almost a cord.
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Halleluiah! Finally got the hub reversed, a new wheel on, a new rim on, and a tall tire mounted, on what’ll be hereafter known as the tall 1850 Ollie.
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Some recent days pictures, some words for today, I’m gone. BGKC.

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Dar said...

Dear, Dear Vernan...I first was drawn to your site purely by 'snoop' from a post you made on Paula's site.
I then saw your picture and was taken back at your resemblance to my own father who passed away a gentle soul just 2 yrs. ago. He, too, was referred to as having likeness of the Good Ol Boy of the North Pole.
BUT, upon further inspection of your blog, WOW, we have the same name...mine is 'married into' but, none the less, I am a what's the chance of my finding you? It Is a Small World...
I will soon be posting a pic of my Dad on his 1950 International that my brother restored for him the same yr. of his departure from this world as we know it. With your interest in older tractors, you will note that Dad's is not correct in color, but he loved a little variation, so had the red added...
Blessings Be Yours, and by the way, if I were a close neighbor of yours, I would gladly escort you and your lovely bride down every side road in the country...Have a wonderful day.