Saturday, November 14, 2009

Two days woik

Starting far end mob at eight o’clock this morning, including the miles driven between the farms we were done before Eleven o’clock this morning. To me, that was a whole day’s work completed before noon. Got a ride north a-ways to where the digger loader had been lent out. I brought it home to fill and grade a water hole or two. I parked it for lunch. Some body called to pay a beef bill, I‘d collect. Somebody called looking for firewood to cut, which I showed them a red oak top right near the edge of the woods, which again this time delighted us both. I’d be a start cleaning up the woods. Maybe they’ll bring me some, I’d like for January. (hehe)
Lunch down, starting earth moving tractor, the ladies had come up from pasture and had me surrounded. There was my no getting any dry fill this afternoon to dry up a couple muddy holes. (grumbler-grumble) I made three passes moving some slurry and that was that. I had to give the ladies a hay bale. My knowing they’d out flank me I had to haul it all the way around all the yards to get it to them. That was if I were to remain unmolested. Whew, it worked. The ladies fed, I immediately went to combining a couple piles tree limbs and pack them out from under some aluminum power lines for another brush pile fire.
At 4:00 PM this afternoon writing this and finishing yesterdays journal entry along side a tea break. Only about a half hour daylight left I don’t want to move…..
Livestock tallies not so very good or seriously lacking in good reproductive order over the summer’s last performances..…or…..lets put it another way. Anybody need a good baloney bull his initials Spats?
Thought maybe you-all might like a gander at the gate I had patched up a couple days ago.
So, here it is. A couple small pieces wood, what might have been intended kindling, bolted over a steel upright to keep the rest of the gate from spreading. Then for a little extra steadying I drove a traffic sign post to better solidly chain the gate closed to. And lastly the added hot wire crossing that gate kind-a close to the ground sure eliminates a lot damaging nosing under that gate for greener grass on the other side. I wouldn’t want a fine lady getting a sliver in her nose. BGKC

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