Sunday, November 29, 2009

Evening's start I forgot these

I put up three more posted post signs yesterday. When poaching season ends, open country snowmobiler’s will thoughtlessly take to smart arsed wholesale trespassing. It’s getting tougher to press charges on these guys. The required size for posted license numbers has grown smaller and my eyes weaker. I get short tempered when these people see a hole in the fence. Like waving a red flag in front of a bull, they find it a place to go charging through like its an open invitation to treat the land behind it as a public thoroughfare. They’re careless they may be damaging a crop sleeping under the snow.
Yes I know the word “these” is meaning plural. It’s like this! I forgot the second thing I was going to catch up on while writing the first one. Arrggghhhh!!!!!
I’m sadly reminded…
The time I ordered some rather shapely play things out-a Fredrick's Hollywood catalog one time. All I got was a bunch of soup straining rags in a plain brown wrapper. When Frieda looked at them she saw them as something different than I did, even excitedly thanking me for some such an odd personally intimate gift. “Intimate” was her word for the stuff? Luckily it had all worked out for my better or worsened with some rather interested after hours private shows. It's no wonder I'm so damned tired in my after life for everything my colleen had so savagely worked out what strength I once had within me many years ago. crying smiley Pictures, Images and Photos A regular old book Delieya she was. Damn, I remember right if I had even given into her every time she’d often cut my hair. crying smiley Pictures, Images and Photos Oh Lawd, I’m a-feared I learned to late.
I had one thoroughly crappy day pitching manure, my liking wearing the compact case skidsteer. Part way through the crappy adventure I had to exchange the skid steer’s material bucket for it’s manure bucket. It was about here I’d have let anyone join in the fun putting a hand in’ Then I needn’t have had to get my fingers offal dirty seeking out the buckets pins.
To add even more interest to the late morning’s activity start the rains coming down during the noon hour weren’t really expected until late evening. It has felt so much better finally getting after having been rain soaked twice today. Ooh! The unmentionable pleasures of a farmer always the one who is the first and last to get his hand in. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Those poachers can be nervey down here too. They even cut the fence last year to better haul their prey out.