Sunday, November 15, 2009

State Holiday

Keyboard upon lap at 11:45 I’m typing this….
This was morning’s opening day gun dear season. I found my cell phone start hunting time late off by 4 min. Man, when ya can’t trust your cell phone what can a body trust for time.
I woke to early for hunting preparation. Managed to go back to sleep to then wake up the clocks around here leaning on sunrise. It was a hustle. I dressed and scurried down to the barn for the Cushman. So eager to go it started up raring to go before I could wrap a few fingers around the black hearted knob to choke it. I brought it up to the house for final loading rather than trying tote everything down to the barn: Two jugs thermo filled with reheated vintage coffee. No time to take rattlers and wait an hour for breakfast I cracked a couple eggs in a glass of milk making an eggnog pint liquid meal. Loaded gun, flashlights, gun and ammo, an apple in my pocket, bright red hat, and me: we were on our way.
So quiet out there a half mile from house and roads surrounding this section I heard noises. Normally I can swivel my head around on my neck almost 270*. Hmmm, that was a few years back evidently. Parked where we were I could only manage a 220* back and forth turn my face this morning. And then I wondered what was going on sound effects wise in my neck. Twisting it back a forth I could her what I might be describe as cold gristle squeaking against my effort to look around. Her Mostess has been fattening me up for years. Might been even worse, the sounds coming to my ears from the inside out liken a couple kids silently shuffling/busting the bubbles in a piece of blister packaging packing.
Sunrise somewhere around about 7:56, the first two shots came to me from straight on out in front of me a mile or so away. Next gun fire sounded like a confederate uprising launching a whole cannonade sequentially from a five canon in line from north to south, all this coming of less than a quarter mile distance. So quiet after that I couldn’t believe all those shots missing without so much as a tree felled by flying leads cutting.
Warmer when I had started out before daylight, the morning continued to cool off as day’s time moved on. By the time I got back the ladies were all primed and ready to give me an earful. I tried appeasing them with pasture. They weren’t about to accept that verbally insisting on a baled hay delivery . That’s a switch even for them. Always been if they could see green they’ve always wanted on it. Who can figure females????
Late morning pills taken got to wait an hour for a proper brunch before hitting shop for Rays project to clean and prime. Interestingly enough the house has stayed warm in-spite the fire dying out. And gosh the sun has finally come out. Now, I’m hoping it’s a warming sun. Guess I’ll hang around here a few more minutes and partake of a proper brunch. Seems her Mostess is cooking up something. So, what I get for brunch? An omelet!!! (hahahohohehe) Could anything more coincidental or strange happen?
Lunch put away shop time had me sand blasting a set of new steps for the tall Ollie. I mixed primer and shot the thing. Took care my mess and managed to get away for so more outdoor sitting until the start of sundown. My evening eye sight failing I gave up the hunt and came home. Only disappointment, I never saw a hair.
What’d I take in: saw some sparrows a-sitting a highline, listened to a couple squirrels raising hobs over something I couldn’t see, enjoyed watching a blue-j flitting from limb to limb snacking on insects hibernating in the tree barks cracks, out of the tens of thousands geese darkening the skies two days ago I saw only three flying puddle to puddle today. BGKC


Paula said...

Are you part owl? I always tell John I'm not an owl when he wants me to look back at an angle to see if there is a car coming. Good luck with your hunt.

Dar said...

So sorry you are having the same luck deer hunting as here all of the bow season...our rifle season here in WI starts this weekend, and there is barely signs of the whitetail. The only signs we see are wolves and their scat full of deer hairs, and turkey feathers where they fed on my Thanksgiving dinner...My Mom is 80 and still hunts. She says she isn't looking forward to it this year as much as others, because of the pack in her woods...makes me nervous cause she walks to her shack in the least she doesn't go out til dawn now...
Oh, did you get my message about our sharing the same last name? I wrote it in your post about one of your tractors a couple weeks ago. How funny is that...Have a great hunt and may your aim be true.
Blessings Be Yours