Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tart two Same day

By the sweat of my brow, my back, my arms…..whatever else felt showered on when I had come in for the noon hour. Sheesh, telling it like it is, it’s downright chilly outdoors and the humidity feels high enough we should have snow. The skies were mostly-mostly this AM. Believe me I do not know how to dress, and this isn’t any little boy problem.
My morning’s accomplishment? I’ve pulled the nails out of most what was left of the old corncrib‘s salvageable lumber. For afternoon’s entertainment I bent the law. I built me a little fire and disposed of everything of something other and burned the steel filled holey remains. Now that all that waste is gone let them do a forensic exam on my ash. Meanwhile, I feel better most that heavy stuff having gone up in smoke. I diffidently don’t have to chance ruining a sharp saw blade cutting waste fibers turning them all into tied up manageable sized trash bundles from now on through Easter next.
As it had turned out I enjoyed an easy day getting something done in the bargain. With some sunshine over us part of the afternoon it also turned out a feel good day. BGKC.

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Paula said...

It always feels good to have a feel good day.