Monday, November 23, 2009

Here I go again…

…setting down my days activities.
I started here first instead of off running the road. Did all my chores day’s extra early. Dark closing on me last night before I had done it all right, happy I accomplished most of it. So along sometime this AM this morning I made up for last night. I unloaded the last wagon load hay. Picked-up what I’d gotten behind on scrap wrap. Picked up my summer chair from where I had left it when my fire had failed other day. Picked up some firewood spilled off a load some weeks back. I took up the Westside hay-yard fence wire before it were destroyed snagged or brokened, and avoid frozen down should I have need for it later, and set another line of electric fence posts in soft earth just in case I should need their use in February say? Plus some other in passing tidying up.
Belly lunch satisfied it was right turn out of drive. I put rust penetratent on old 4020 JD’s cab work lighting for moving over to JD’s new cab. Spent most of afternoon cleaning the Tall Ollie’s dirty parts for reassembly a day or so from now. Balderdash, forgot at least three things I wanted to do: refill fuel cans, load a roll of steel on Ugly, (opps) mistakenly left Ollie’s hydraulic oil-pan outside, forgot to bring home trouble light to look for possible Leland tractor oil leak parked down in the barn, forgotten to check the mail box, and neglected to carry in another arm load firewood.
Tired of the same-ol’ “meal’s on wheels” table fare’ some of it good, most of it fair, some unbelievable whatever it was sposed to be. Tonight I had to have something different before I start dumping my cookies. We made pizza, on the dough mozzarella cheese, red and green peppers, onions, black and green olives, but missing the most important pineapple ingredient. Roughing it, it was still better’en good.. It saved my life‘s palette for more adventurous food any time I may get at it. I’m stuffing the turkey this year with my improved upon Mom’s recipe. BGKC.

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