Monday, November 9, 2009


Where does it go?
I started extra early for me and y lunch time I ain't accomplished a durn thing.
TWP. code says I can't have an unlicensed truck on the farm. I'd fight it if truck was in operating condition. I can make it go but for a couple drawbacks no muffler and no brakes. Spent most of the morning looken for drawbar, the innocent faced heifers looking at me had a fence found down. Took timeout for fence fix. That fence taken care, I finally find drawbar up in barn rather than down in shed. Towing apparatus loaded up, before I could get away, Ray caught me. I had to look for and gather together his needs before bowing out of shop.
My goals: fill the onetime foyer with firewood and rig drawbar to tow old truck to Roy's farm-yard. No such idiotic idol truck law across the TWP border.
It’s After dark!
Gosh, I had a good day, I thimk. Started my laundry dividing it into two loads. Some of it is now finished, What I didn’t get done today I’ll finish and add to the laundry some more come morning. I gave the ladies the longest northwest’s pasture this morning trying to stretch the hay-yard a fem more day. Switching on and off three tasks I made more headway rather than taking any one of them on through to the end. Reason, I didn’t have it in me to truck the vestibule full of firewood in one swell swoop. Darned if I ain’t already regretting piling this season’s firewood as I had next to (to close) the deck. I do believe I made better time loading Cushman and backing it up to the deck, then I had optioned unloading it by porch light after dark. One thing sure, my knees aren’t going to let me climb a half a rick wood in the house at a time. Two short stints partially piling deck oh so high with firewood, and two more short stints to carry it on in and pile it I got some firewood in.
Between wood toten times I started rigging tow bar to pickup truck. There was the loosening, the oiling, and the implement’s untangling. Some study for second starters I had to figure it out, how to rig it. Some of the implement manufactured, part of it my making fix and/or redesigning function it had been so long since I used it the contrivance I required some study moments before taking oodles of skin off my knuckles. When I did get to it it went rather smoothly. Most serious trick was sorting out the chains and specifically turning the welded side of the links out o avoid close tolerances jamming. One more trick easing the mounting on truck was the use a couple plastic buckets to hold it up while making hardware adjustments and alignments. All in all it didn’t go to bad. The parts oiling was likely the most useful help I had applied. Wing nuts, pins and hair pins sliding together and tightening up it’s all done but for the shouting when Ugly has it by the nose and leading it down the road.
Firewood in the house, tow-bar mounted on old truck I turned to chores.
That was a hoot. The ladies hearing the tractor were on their way home from as far as a half mile or more away. Before I had it delivered into the hay ring they were enough of then keeping an eye on me. When I had finished my part and left them to their evening’s munching. Ha! I had scarcely parked the JD and the ladies were vacating the vicinity of the fresh hay bale trucking their individual hulks back out to pasture. Tomorrow trash day I prepared the sacks to keep the cats and dogs out of them, and set them out to the road, plus some shop trash.
The weather about to turn I hooked up to the low-rider implement trailer, positioned it just right, and ran Frieda’s wheel chair (scooter) onto it.
By then I just barely had enough light to position and take up the hold down straps. Which reminds me I need to lubricate the ratcheting take-ups. Shucks I just remembered I need to bring my Murry lawn tractor home. BGKC.

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