Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Morning ramblings!
Frieda grumbles every morning about her poor sleeping. Her complaint? Having to get up for her water hauls! Sheesh, woman, it goes with the golden years territory.
Me? I woke up with a headache for every headache symptom I’ve ever had; The headaches: sinus, tired eyes, the lightening attacks to the left temple (I must have set wrong), the headache one to the back of my head (for out of whack sacroiliac (I don’t believe this one) , got-a be it’ll feel lonesome if it doesn’t join the others. Cure? I’m cutting out near daylight, cause when all else either catches up or fails, I generally feel better on my feet.
Dawn PB 142/89 and then PB 135/87 at daylight.
Was fresh coffee with homemade fresh backed cinnamon rolls hot out of the oven, for this morning‘s fare. They’s good!!!! Frieda insisting I was hungry. Naugh, no, no, that wasn’t it. Repositioning my butt on my cushion relieved the temple lightening strikes. Dispirit for further relief I took a couple hefty acetaminophens. Damn, I’m going to have to get my hatchet out and un-blister my last individually blister packed iron tablets. Grrrrr!
Darn, I wanted to slice some stumps, out in the pasture, off close to the sod. This so I might have dumped a load of manure on top the clumps to large to dig out. The manure idea was to accelerate with encouragement the stumps rot down. The way my head’s feeling I may have to postpone that act.
Noon PB 133/86. I guess I’m alright.
Well, I didn’t postpone the stump cutting. I went, I saw, and they were just to blamed big (wider than a woman’s hips. I guess I’ll just have to let nature take its course. Including this disappointment the morning feels like it has been moving backward. All I managed to so far is drop Frieda’s wheel chair off in front of Ray’s garage for winter storage, and I still have to put it inside.
Stopped by the elevator looking for an answer as to what potassium nitrate was? The big man off on sick leave I didn’t get an answer. I was however gifted with a partial short palette of beef supplements.
Coming in sundown, getting dark, taken rattlers, waiting a few-few moments before I tie into a beer. Gosh, I’m just as tired if I had put in a hard day. Bless his pea-picking heart, Handy kept me company and busy all the afternoon long. He helped me tow home the Murry lawn mower from daughter‘s house and put it away. Unneeded I was not going to force it to run for no more than a few minutes. He helped me unload and stack the wood I couldn’t give away. Then loaded the empty wood hauler out with his salvaged lumber from the old corn crib and parked it his driveway. I’ve got some cleaning up the old corncrib site and perhaps maybe enjoy a few little campfires. Law says I can’t burn piles building materials. Nothing’s said about what constitutes campfire woods.
Gosh, I’ve finished my beer annnd ready for sleep, sweet sleep! BGKC.

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Paula said...

Sorry you have that terrible headache again. Yes seems us women have that sleep problem at night more then you men. I work crossword puzzles, play word games on the computer, or read until I get sleepy. They sometime I have to do it all over again.