Saturday, November 21, 2009

11-20-o9 “Surprise Surprise Surprise!”

Quoting Gommer Pyle.
It had come to pass as I was coming out of the lower barn a long dark limonene liking vehicle was pulling across my driveway out front. Before I had crossed the dry creek, before I had made it up the grade, before I had even gotten the crest of my driveway the chauffeured passenger was just a talking to me insisting I come out to talk with him. “Woof,” he had said, “Woof woof!” repeating himself a number of times. What could I do but go to the road to exchange pleasantries. My four footed little buddy had stopped by to see me. Myself so delighted I gave him the traditional hands on greetings while exchanging pleasantries. Why, I even thanked the Scooby Doo for bringing the Loopy Sparky by also. I’d liked to spend more time with them but Sparky and I each had things to.
I just know Scooby’s got a whole lot to tell the Loop when she returns.
Viva La Scooby! ;-)
It seems I have missed my own date line journal contribution. As for what kind of day it was I was into many things accomplishing nothing. It all tired me out just the same. Want an excuse? I’ll lay my present lifestyle upon a low pressure system hovering over my achy achy-head the last few days. As always continue BGKC.

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