Monday, November 23, 2009

11-22-o9 From a bum start….

….the day improved as it went on. Woke up with headache, loose stools, and a queasy stomach. Oh oh! Was I coming down with something in this morning’s early hour? I could only hope I weren’t. As time went by I washed down a stack of corny pancakes (as Frieda calls them) with a couple cups coffee. And continued making reservations for the use of the library. By late midmorning phone calls were coming in. Ray had made a 39 hay bales deal to haul home. I’d guessed I might better venture out and try it. Knowing exercise can move a body’s function right along I started my physical activity close to home just in case. In need of the flat rack hay wagon the steel I had laid on it a couple days ago required being put away. As damp as it has been we hadn’t been blessed with boot bogging mud as yet the JD we need for the day’s loading moved that loaded hay wagon under the haymows door for unloading. Doing this and other chores, feeling no discomfort, I broadened my range of activity. If I had to, I figured I could take alternative measures. Keeping those measures to myself I shan’t write about them at this time for fear of future fallouts.
On the road, Bro’ had called and was trying to arrange an afternoon sortie moving the hay. I had some preparatory things to do to be ready before then if it should take me that long. I had to ditch my wood hauler. Been loading it with shop-apron scrap for a scrap-yard run. And, I had to fuel several gasoline cans for two tractors uses. Oh well, they both needed fuel anyway. Better today than tomorrow or the next in the rain.
When everything had been readied and/or prepared Tom and I went at it. I had three loads hauled home before his nib’s had made it back into pour loco neighborhood. A Mich. Shorthorn Association board member, he’d been away all this morning.
Well, Here it is, a day over do again.

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