Sunday, November 8, 2009

Indian Summer?

Such nice weather here I’m calling it my Indian Summer. All th wind and rain a few days ago just a huffing & puffing, pouring out rain, and blow drying All our colors are warmly covering the ground. With such beautiful warm colors over the earth how could it ever get cold, how? And chilled, how?
I want to finish painting my sign posts this morning. Then be at least one dry. (He He) employ it as something informatively different. (he he) Happy Day to me. Oh, Happy Day to me. (He he) I’m working up something just a wee bit different. Oh shucks, I’m about to give it away. (E E E E) Later!
At daylight
It’s foggy out, cancelling Frieda’s going to church to confess all my sins. I need to start the laundry, and having let the fire die last night the house so warm. I had better clean out the wood stove’s ashes. Sposed to continue 60’s* temps today. Near enough shirt sleeve weather for me. Gonna enjoy every degree as long as it lasts.
After dark
Well, I managed to finish painting five my sign “Posts.” Here’s one clearly posted. }:^))
The big dummy has done it again…..Whatever that is? (HE HE)
The tall Ollie’s in the shop.
The first silage cell has been opened down the road. I think I may start trucking some of that tomorrow. Why because right now I’ve no mud to contend with on either end. Annnnd, sooner or later I’ll be trucking silage in here whether I like it or not. Soooo, I might better take advantage the weather I got before I’m up to the tops my waders and just under my water wings in slurry. }:^((
Accomplishment of the day? Good question. Tom and I uncovered the corn planter. We looked it over. AND in doing so, a whole lot of misunderstandings came to surface.
I had Hoped to put my roadster inside, but that didn’t happen. I’m about ready to call the cops and have an abandoned vehicle hauled away from where my roadster could have set inside for the last three/four years. What ticks me off, I don’t get nothing for having put up with it in my way, from a bunch of people and their combined lame excuses why it’s still there. If that ain’t bad enough I’m also about fixing to haul somebody’s abandoned furniture out to the road for whomever wants to pick over before trash pick up.
Like Forest gump might have said,…….That’s all I got to say on these subjects at this time.
My question for the day! Has somebody written a “Hand book for cheating dummies” out there? BGKC

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Paula said...

Wow Fernan is on a tear today. Bout to call the cops no less.