Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wood, wood, wood

I’m getting sick of dealing/handling firewood, tired, tired, tired! I started my morning unloading Ugly‘s wood load, even before I drove it out of the yard. Picked up Tom. The three of us wrestled the first new wheel onto the small 1850. Small 1850? All our 1850’s are basically all the same heights. This Small 1850 may well recalled the Big 1850 when we’ve finally tricked it out with the newer taller driver tires setting the whole of the standard Oliver tractor a couple inches higher/taller. Why this silhouette change? With the taller drivers, rear tires four inches in diameter taller the tractor will gain an extra tow inches height at the end of the drawbar. This’ll be a distinct advantage properly setting the 554 Vermeer hay baler pickup clearances that have been all to close to the ground limiting the full range of height adjustments will be improved with these new taller tires. By the time we’ve finished this small Ollie appearance it maybe well be called the Tall Ollie when it rolls again next spring. Getting back to the wheel it was found to be a heavier duty higher horse powered tractor. A thicker deeper wheel it was required a whole new set of longer mounting bolts. The waiting for bolts I was relegated to finding something else to do.
What I do? Silly me, I backed down to my barn, hooked on the woodsplitter and went looking for the last of the other day’s windfall. Besides becoming tired of handling firewood in one manner or another. First thing I found was I had eatened to much dinner. Reaching the ground wasn’t all that easy after trying to bend over the belly I had filled to full. The wood hauler still loaded and Ugly’s also loaded again. Will this season’s wood handling ever end. Hate the thought of it. Still got to make one more firewood gathering pass down along my sweetie and mine private romantic lane. BGKC.

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