Saturday, November 21, 2009

11-19-o9 We’ve rain.

Sonofagun, I ran short what all I wanted accomplished be fore more rains descended upon us, but I’m glad I got done of my list out of the way just the same: Opps I missed covering some of my dry kindling (it’ll dry again), I missed laying up some salvaged steel roofing in my hay-mow (so long as I get it up before the next wind’s up, and mud up to the hubs. I failed to cut down the two problem mull-berry trees (I’ve got all winter).
I can make one sorry excuse for one of the preceding misses. I got home late.
Here’s, backing the imaginary spreader up overnight. In-spite of our closing the shop earlier than usual, the usual color of a clouded afternoon sky started dimming the skies an hour and a half early. We were treated to the rolls of thunder as day had prematurely turned into a try-light zone. Dropping Tom off, I immediately drove to our village grocer’s. I thought I had more time beat sundown home. I was wrong. Add to this, I had miserably gotten our finances messed up in the super market. What finances I thought I had had on one debit card I had used were gone. (embarrassment). But well enough I had cash in my pocket, only not quite enough. All this horrific supposedly humiliating situation for a sane person to handle, the situation didn’t bother me. It was not the first time I had goofed up. Not over yet, here it comes……….
Our check-out lane’s problem really started and came to a head when the cash register screen differed in what I was supposedly credited and what I owed. Trying to iron the whole mess out my offering to pay cash for the grocery’s, my having to visit the Aunty M’s money machine, the clerk would not hear of it, she called the floor manager. The floor manager also wouldn’t hear of it. I was discreetly invited over to the service counter where the floor manager delved into the depths of my debit card and had managed to have obtain my debit card activity for the current month. Then she asked me about my bank card. I didn’t know what kind it was it supposedly limited to only a few specified uses. So as she had suggested I swiped in the push’em crazy button machine. I added my pin number. And Whalla(!) My bill was taken care of without so much as a suggested bank transaction charge. Then add to that I was told I could even ask for cash back. Wow! Wow! Wow! Any embarrassment I should have felt, my getting to old to worry about such feelings, wasn’t there. I learned how to save another ten bucks bank fees a month. (he he he) Damn! What some things aren’t told us, what could save a senior citizen some money and grief?
There’s something good to come out of any day live if we only keep our minds and hearts open to experience it. Can’t tell how happy I’ve always been shopping my village grocer. Worst part the whole ordeal was my drive home under an earlied sundown an hour and a half after the fact.
Gads! Our turkey was pried at $.29/lb. All the trouble I caused in the checkout lane I’m glad I didn’t pickup two!
What a lousy day, no rain or shine, there was no shine, there was really no full blown rain either, only humidity thick enough to trouble my imagination trying to define it, explain it. I can’t believe I’m at a loss for a good metaphor. The best part of it, I woke up to it. Here I go getting philosophical, if we don’t experience some bad days, we can’t fully appreciate the beautiful days even more.
Darn it! This is the morning after coming home last night walking into the house without cable. It was an evening without TV and internet. Oh lawd, I was reduced to talking with a wife. :^) And I wrote another erotic chapter our passionate life together of the good good-old-days. ;^) Well instead of maudlin let me go back to the few non-productive things I did yesterday’s morning, afternoon and evening.
I dragged and covered my kindling off Wood hauler. Trailer emptied, I tried loading it with scrap metals gathered the front of shop, I failed that. Took some more tall Ollie apart and we’re no further along with the problem solution. I fed my ladies a dry bale. The pushing and shoving, the pastures eatened for the season, I opened a silage cell in my hay yard and gave a bale to the ladies. Some of this was while I had tried to start a brush pile fire out here in the near east pasture. Trying to start it I failed. I even gave up on it. Why it wouldn’t burn is beyond me. I haven’t made up my mind whether the wood was to wet or dry? So it was a little damp. I’d started brush piles before greener than this one before. It is just got a little heat going and that heat would warm the sap in the limbs turning their sap into a generated gas that normally burn with a robust fervor. It wouldn’t happen. I gave up on it and went back to the house twice, took truck first, tractor next. Then walking up the ramp, “son of a bitch” the brush pile had flames dancing eight/ten/twelve feet in height. Holy barnyard crapola I had a brush fire. And right there on the burning permit I had signed, I agreed to watch it! Long into the evening’s twilight.
The fire having flared up I gathered up my thermos tobacco pack, and summer chair and hurdling two fences I returned to the fire scene. Thinking ahead likely for but the second time for the entire day I had brought my rattlers along so I might timely take them for super’s readiness.
Opps, Having not put this where it belongs in a timely fashion here is to catching up some. I hope everyone has Been GKC.

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