Saturday, November 28, 2009

AM 11-28-o9 Write about what?

Sitting at my keyboard this morning havin’ been disappointedly left off the White House party guest list this week and yet feel rewarded a good night’s sleep which has dededelighted me to the point I may finally turn this daylight savings time lagging reversal around.

Having communicating numerous times with the White House thinking President Obama and I were just like this. fingers crossed smiley Pictures, Images and Photos imagine my disappointment when my invitation was evidently lost in the mail. I just find it unconscious-able the SS sould let in a rather leggy younger looking blond and not check upon my missing aged presents. shame on u Pictures, Images and Photos (shameful) Why! I might even had stopped by the door’s boot scraper for my entering in? I can be high toned that way upon occasion.

On the other hand, I hope this morning’s sleep-in has changed my sleep cycle. yawn Pictures, Images and Photos This falling asleep mere minutes after coming into the house is tiring me out. I mean this 3:00 AM waking morning after morning is also tiring me out. Hopefully I shall find a restful balance soon…..snoring smiley Pictures, Images and Photos

Well now, I’ve written something’s early enough I shan’t forget. Then nor shall I have to fight the sandman’s trying to stop me nor my get’em these short term memories brought back to mind to be writ this evening. BGKC all day.


Paula said...

Cute smiley faces decorating your blog this morning. Sorry your invitation to the white house was lost.

Donna said...

Had I known about this, you could have had my invitation, since I had to RSVP and tell them I couldn't make it.