Monday, November 16, 2009

stayed home

That is right I stayed up here, instead going out back, and started my turns out of the driveway early. I hitched on my loaded wagon I had dropped off empty last week. Took it around the block for a weigh slip. Then went down the road just as if I were going to grind today. Looking in the feed box I left it remaining where it was for the kids to finish cleaning out this evening.
Checked on Tom. I wish him luck with is nerve fact finding tomorrow. He’s supposed to have his nerves checked tomorrow. Supposed to involve a lot of pin-pricks to determine when and where he may or may-not have feeling. I’ve used the words “supposed” because his Doctor had decided to take a vacation last week and nobody thought to notify him (Tom) and his family keeping their appointed time only to be turned away.
Frieda’s friend Sue kept a Doctor appointment to be put off for hours. When she returned home she sent him a bill for her time wasted waiting those hours. He sent her a check and didn’t keep her waiting anymore.
I attempted to do something with the tall Oliver in the shop. Did manage to jack it up and block the tub to even doing it twice for I didn’t like the way I done it the first time. Then took the wheels off, and commenced to keep right on wrenching loosening all the nuts and bolts.
Saw Sparky today his stopping by to pickup what had fallen off D’s shoulders. Contrary to all the neighborhood rumors I had started D hadn’t lost his head, only his hat.
The temperatures on the critical edge for painting I painted the Tall Olivers new steps and rolled them inside the shop. The paint job come off looking good not counting the one curtain I hung on it. J
Dumass becoming inspired at 3:30 PM decides I needed more physical exercise cutting down a couple Russian Olives. I merely limbed off the stumps I’ll dig out the next time backhoe is on that end. Home I put thing away, carried out the trash, and collapsed in my favorite chair. One cart full wood and three armloads wood’ll have to wait again until tomorrow. Been three days putting off until tomorrow already this week. And, I didn’t finish the laundry. BGKC.

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