Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another fairly…..

………warm day was excellent outdoor working temperatures and I practically missed it. If it weren’t shop work it was localized activities requiring little physical exertion. Just the kind of weather dressed to warm and can’t take it off for the activity is to motionless or moderate, to really get into it or get with it, your choice.
Woiking upon the Tall 1850 Ollie, we removed the top most casting off the rockshaft housing and found a mess inside. Seams we’ve lots of water mixed in with the hydraulic fluid. Siphoning the foamed fluid out of the hydraulic reservoir it appears what we could not remove we’ve either still got or continue to have an icky mess on our hands. Now it’s think tank time. There are two possibilities. One, the water in the hydraulic system has stuck some parts like, maybe the proportioning valve is stuck, or the hydraulics’ three point rocking arm’s operating cylinder valve is stuck. Whatever’s wrong, well the whole shooten-match is in need a thorough cleaning. So the whole rockshaft case will also need to come off and takened apart. But alas, there were other things that also needed tending to today.
Why we even made it out to the hay-yard to winterize the silage bale wrapper. Removal the engine battery. This involved tying the unused wrap still on the machine up-tight. I leave the wrap installed for start up use next year. Last time I removed them (wrap rolls) we had a heck of a time putting them back on the machine, the cardboard cores had gotten wet and expanded. Then they required some extensive hand carving to put them back on the following season. Hmmm, Now I know why grandpa’s whittling was so important.
We managed to hang the new replacement gate. Lucky us, it is two inches taller than the gate it replaces making the gate post pins wrong by a shortened two inches. Unable to move the lag-screw like type hinge pins the top one had two and a half inches added on top, and so it doesn’t tip a vertical brace was welded to it as well. The additional brace we lagged to the post so‘s the top hinge-pin wont turn. The gate’s hung, we’d finished that and when freed it may happily swinging a grand 180* arc.
On the fun side of living I received this in my mail yesterday.
I can not lie. I liked the cover shot. Mmmm Mmm Mm. Frieda seeing it, enthusiastically mentioned she would have liked my getting that for her, once upon a time. It was in those days if I bought it for her, she liked putting it on, just so I could take it back off. Hmmmm! That catalog cover outfit would have been an at least a four hour (all inclusive), maybe six hour, removal exercise of the most romantic nature. It is something to be totally taken in by eye before a hands on savored and enjoyed to all the utmost pleasurable ends. Those were the day’s my friends I had thought they’d nev……ah……never mind. BGKC .

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Okay we'll nev ah mind since we are old too. Well I mean getting older.