Monday, November 30, 2009

Did I or Did I not.....

...Scrap my boots off before coming in last night?
That was the stinken question running, dripping, smudging, dirtying, tracking our floors through my mind on waking until I'd downed my first cup coffee. The go juice's effects washing the cobwebs my overnight mind one small memory resurfaces.... Hallelujah, I left my stinky boots out by the door. Oh Shyit! Was that inside or outside the door?
Oh crap. Is this one more degenerative mind thing I'll suffer everytime I squeeze my brain into that 1816 Case skid-steer seat. The sacrifices one makes when his hips become a real squeeze through a barn-stall's gate.
Last November day? I ain't ready for this!
We had a miserably early rain yesterday. Weather jokers predicting late rain again for today. They said that yesterday. Now, they've got that same opportunity to mess it up al over again today.
Why not?
It's getting closer, flaps down weather.
Damn it. I used to look forward to winter snows. But I'm feeling so, I don't know, more tired lately. Thinking about this I just had to go look and see if the deck was covered with the white stuff. It wasn't. I hope daylight gets here soon. I'm feeling a melancholy episode coming on. Chuck it I'm going to go look for some internet stuffed bikini's.
All kinds of varied “This is not good for you” massages I didn’t find any pretty maids all in a row. I guess I’ll just have to wait for the swimsuit issue.
My mind wondering if we got snow, even before day light I switched on the porch light and was relieved not to have seen snow. Whew! There had been offered a slight chance of snow flurries over night.
I continued yesterday’s good times all day to day playing once more in the Shyit. I like playing in my modeling clay more and more all those days when I was a kid. The best parts about the fun activities today I didn’t have change buckets. Worst parts of my day were the two times I had to make fix the turd hearses PTO drive chain. Butt, the barns cleaned. Glory be that’s done for awhile.
Now Lucky Me I get to grind grain again tomorrow. Seems like it were only Friday last I did that very same thing. Handy asked me for a ride over to the crossroads. His timing was right on. We were out of bread and milk.
The day I changed Frieda’s name coming up she wanted another ham. Talk about a libido attack, and all these years I had thought I were ham enough for her. Well, swallowing my pride, I got her a honey cured spiral cut precooked ham. From what I had had overheard her planning a few days ago my mouth has been watering for ham. Then come the old switcher-roo, she decided she’d rather roast a chunk of beef. And, she talking roasting it, my mouth already watering for a boiled dinner. All this menu change the last couple days to end my taste buds so confused I may stoop so low as to eat somechick’s unborn. A couple salt and peppered hard boiled eggs.
Seemingly feeling like it is past my bed time and unable to rationally think of anything more on an intelligent level to write. Bailing out, I want to go to bed. So, BGKC.

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Paula said...

That is so nice of you to worry about if you scraped your boots off before you came in the house. John doesn't even worry about it let alone scrape them. lol