Thursday, November 5, 2009


If there’s anybody I can’t stand it is a rumor monger, especially those jealous individuals who can’t stand to understand another person’s good fortunes. I have my wife Frieda, Herr Clink, and Her Mostess I’m most fortunate to have all three keeping me as each their own. As sure as I’m perhaps more broad minded than a many my contemporaries I shall continue to surround myself with dozens more ladies who abound around about me my in my neighborhood who so often take an interest in my welfare be it morning or night. I admit while my responsibilities are spread me rather thin some days I butt do my best.
Was a rather quiet day today, Spent most my morning preparing for the usual feed grind. Picked up supplements from elevator, my barn, and Ray’s garage. Picked up and delivered calf primer up to the barn. The rest of the grind was as before. Lunch was rather decent again as far as I was concerned. Frieda didn’t like it. That’a a switch. Yesterday , for each of us, it were the other way around. (smiling} I left lunch hungry yesterday, satisfied today. While I hadn’t planned it nor wanted it I napped about a half hour today. So much to do and I’m napping? In the shop I picked up and put away more undiscript stuff. But it’s good stuff and needed putting away for use another day. Even looking back into the mess I can’t see where I had even made a difference. Disgusted, yet happily finding some halter ropes I had found something to refocus my mind on. I repaired three halters and made another one. So far from a water front I’m relegated to doing dry-land or out-of-water marlinspike. I’m reminded all the fun filled years fishing them some hundred-fifty days fishing of each of them I were on the water. All I’ve got left of those years is a copy rules of the road, my log books, my framed motor Boat Operators License, and the boat manual for the old 28’ Chriscraft boat we fished off of. It’s gone a long time now havin’ rotted into oblivion. Everything else my beloved SIL sold for his own benefit. Serves him right, the scandal is locked up for the rest of his unnatural life in Jackson State Penitentiary. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!!!!!!
I moved a feeder way out into the east in close piece of pasture. As the terrain turns to mud I can back my filling the hay feeder backing out of the guaranteed mud. Just had a thought. I just might live long enough to get this cattle feeding routine down done right. Still carrying wood on a daily basis, which I think I like better than whole Cushman loads whether I feel like it or not. Two arm loads aren’t that hard to handle on a daily basis. But just the same I really need to take parts of a couple days and fill the one time foyer full for the nasty days to come should I want a day off then. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Oh I hear ya on this one Fernan. John's ex-wife is the most jealous person I have ever seen. It isn't my fault they couldn't keep it together and I didn't know either of them then.